About Us

Suzanne McMannis is the producer of The Forecast.

I’ve lived and farmed organically with my husband in Ithaca since 1998.  Our chief endeavor has been Earthwalk Farm, our 45-acre off-grid (wind and solar) homestead.  Days filled with agrarian pursuits have given us a grand life indeed, but I will say that I’ve been surprised by extent of the labor and planning required to keep even a small farm in good order these last years.  People who work the land for a living know that climate change is intensifying the difficulties of growing food and managing water, pastures, and woods sustainably.

I am optimistic that in the long run we'll be able to preserve the rural and wild portions of the landscape; enjoy a sustainable and artful society; and keep everyone free and fed.  But to shape a worthy future on this astonishing planet of ours, we’re going to need all hands on deck!  I hope you’ll tune in regularly to help us enrich the conversation on The Forecast.

Contact:  suzanne@theforecast.org
Art Weaver is co-host of The Forecast.

Art has lived and worked in the Ithaca area for over 15 years.  A scientist by disposition and training, he is a "socially poised introvert" (Google that one!).  His current project is Weaver Wind Energy—an Ithaca-based company whose mission is to create "the world's most reliable small wind turbines."  Its first commercial product—a residential wind turbine rated at 5 kW—is being readied for worldwide marketing with final certification by a nationally recognized testing laboratory expected in Q1 2016.  Several "Weaver 5" wind systems are now producing clean, zero-carbon energy for customers in our local region.

This endeavor grew out of his experience at Renovus Energy which he co-founded in 2003.  The Renovus building on Cherry St. was the first zero-energy commercial building in Ithaca.

Art believes that we create change by personal example and that massive deployment of solar and wind energy will make burning of coal, oil, and natural gas obsolete before 2030.  Sadly, he will also tell you that this will not be soon enough to prevent climate change from seriously damaging our precious gem of a planet.  Acknowledging our folly, learning sustainability, and mitigating the inevitable environmental and social upheaval will be the focus of our attention for generations to come.

Art's 2013 Nissan Leaf—100% electric, non-polluting, fast, inexpensive, and fun to drive.

Contact:  art@theforecast.org
Website:  art weaver
Guillermo Metz is co-host of The Forecast.

Guillermo Metz is the Green Building and Renewable Energy Program Coordinator at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County (NY).  His background includes several years as a carpenter and builder, a longer stint as a writer and editor for a variety of publications, and time spent working behind lab benches, bookshelves, and pastry tables.  He now focuses on educating area residents on the many benefits of green building – healthier homes that consider the health and environmental impact of the products and materials that go into them at every phase of their production and use – and works with community groups to make renewables accessible to as many people as possible.  From super-insulating our homes to solar panels to pellet stoves – everything we can collectively do to responsibly cut down on fossil fuel use.  Guillermo has also worked with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s statewide Energy and Climate Change Team to train other educators about renewable energy technologies and how they can be part of the solution to the growing climate change crisis while addressing our demand for energy.

Guillermo firmly believes that we need to collectively address climate change head-on.  By confronting our reliance on fossil fuels, we can reimagine a planet where we use less energy overall and take a holistic, full life-cycle approach to derive what we need from sources that create as little damage as possible to the earth at every stage of their development and use. It is time we put the necessary effort toward making use of available clean technologies to responsibly supplant the full range of fossil fuel-fired systems, no matter how embedded in our society they are.

It may be a tired adage, but Guillermo believes that the broad issues of climate change present an opportunity to retool our society in wonderful ways that could benefit people globally and locally.  He is excited to delve into this conversation here on The Forecast with some of the area’s greatest thinkers, activists, researchers, and everyday residents making a difference.

Contact:  guillermo@theforecast.org