Biden's tells Macron to 'Ship your Refugees to the US'

By Nima Pejman
July 3, 2023, 8:31 p.m. ET

Washington, DC - In a move that has shocked the international community and left political pundits scrambling for words, President Joe Biden has put forth a daring proposal to his French counterpart, President Emmanuel Macron, amidst the escalating riots in France. Biden's solution involves playing a high-stakes game of "hot potato" with the refugees inciting unrest in France, with an unexpected twist - he plans to drop them in the Republican states of America.

In a phone call that spread across the internet with lightning speed, Biden unveiled his audacious plan to Macron. "Emmanuel, hear me out. Send those rioting refugees to us. We'll rehome them in our Republican states. It's a guaranteed way to keep the conservatives so entangled in local issues that they won't have time to mount an effective campaign against the Democrats in the upcoming elections. And in return, I will send billions of dollars to France as aid money," he reportedly proposed.

Macron, audibly startled, asked, "Joe, are you seriously suggesting we ship our rioters to the United States?"

Biden allegedly retorted, "Absolutely! It's a win-win situation. We've got the room, and let's not kid ourselves, my poll numbers could use a boost. Plus, it's a diversion that will blindside the Republican voters. After all, our open border policy isn't just a façade."

While this brazen proposal underlines the Biden administration's commitment to its open border policy, it also exposes the extreme measures they are willing to take to gain an upper hand in the next election. Despite the ongoing controversy over immigration reform, Biden appears set on presenting this as a humanitarian gesture, even as it stirs up strife among his political opponents.

However, critics have reacted with a blend of outrage and disbelief. "Is this some kind of twisted joke?" thundered Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. "Is he seriously considering importing France's civil unrest?"

As the world tries to digest the implications of Biden's explosive proposition, the grim reality of the riots in France persists. The resolution of this crisis will undoubtedly require more than a politically charged game of transatlantic "hot potato" with rioting refugees. This controversy's aftershocks are set to shake the political landscape, with disappointment and anger amongst Republicans already reaching a boiling point.