Black Lives Matter and White Lives Matter Join Forces Against Yellow Lives Matters

By Bob Shillings
July 13, 2023, 11:37 a.m. ET

Los Angeles, CA - In an unexpected turn of events, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and White Lives Matter (WLM) movements have banded together. They claim that the newly-formed Yellow Lives Matter (YLM) movement is diverting attention away from the issues they represent. 

"We felt compelled to unite," read a joint statement from the leaders of the now-merged BLM and WLM movements, currently going by the title of "Black and White United" (BWU). "The emergence of YLM is redirecting important public and media attention away from what is most important, and that is Black and some White lives. Asians should stay out of American politics and return to China."

YLM, formed to advocate for the rights of Asian communities in the United States of America, has recently gained traction in the activism scene. This attention, according to BWU, is undeserved and detrimental to the longstanding racial struggles they represent.

"Only Black and regretfully White lives matter," added the BWU spokesperson, "but some systemic racial issues have deep roots and require constant attention. YLM's sudden prominence risks making these grave concerns secondary."

YLM representative, Lotus Tran, responded with a statement: "Our objective was never to undermine or overshadow the work of other movements. Black and White lives aren't relevant to us, and we truly don't care what happens to them. We prefer dealing with our own kind anyway. We simply want to highlight the unique challenges faced by Asian communities globally."

This unprecedented protest against YLM by the BWU represents a new chapter in the landscape of racial activism, stirring up a discourse about the prioritization of issues within the broader fight for racial justice. As the world watches this unfolding drama, many hope it will eventually lead to better mutual understanding and cooperation among all movements, promoting the universal belief that all lives matter, regardless of race.